Why are Co-Working Spaces becoming Popular?

According to a study by Gallup in 2018, positive company culture can increase revenue by 33% just by attracting and retaining top-tier talent and co-working spaces are more likely to inspire such a positive culture over a traditional workspace. This is largely due to the mobile environment, fluid space and in general, high spirits and energy encouraged at co-working spaces.

A Harvard Business Review found that, compared to those with remote employees or traditional office spaces, coworking companies tend to inspire a greater sense of thriving and flexibility.

So what makes co-working spaces such a positive hub for innovation and ideas?

Couches over cubicles-A coworking space becomes efficient and welcoming, largely because of the furniture. Whether its a group of financial corporates or a group of creative freelancers, style, design, comfort and aesthetics matter the most to them all. It spruces up the personality of the place and becomes a deciding factor for attracting clients & companies.

No two co-working spaces are the same but almost all co-working spaces have the same needs and requirements. Here is some furniture that most co-working spaces have – 

  1. Height-adjustable desks
  2. Modular desks and tables
  3. Sofas, bean bags and lounge chairs
  4. Kitchen furniture 
  5. Soundproof barriers & space dividers
  6. Lots of plants, lamps & lighting

Remember to strike a good balance between comfy furniture (sofas, cushions, bean bags) and some efficient office furniture (ergonomic chairs and desks) so your space has both a productive and cosy vibe. 

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Why does the right kind of furniture matter?

Boring office furniture can not only make one lazy, irritated and clumsy but also make them lose interest in their work. Productivity in those 7-8 hours at work can get affected and this

inefficiency could spill over at home and other social spaces as well. So a coworking space must feature suave furnishings (preferably crafted from natural materials), indoor plants, inspiring modern graphics and motivational art. The right kind of furniture can make or break an office space and encourage people to get up for work every day.

Make sure the office space has a variety of furniture that suits the kind of people working there, the devices they use, and the postures they prefer while working.  Soft seating, focus booths, tech-integrated furniture for power access, task chairs, modular furniture which you can reconfigure with little effort, bench desking, and furniture for conference and meeting rooms can help make a co-working space more efficient.

Ergonomic furniture is now the norm at both traditional offices and co-working spaces because they promote productivity, comfort, and well-being, especially with overtime hours.  Also, height-adjustable desks and adjustable-height seating with memory foam padding can make a co-working space even special. Amardeep specializes in manufacturing ergonomic office chairs all over India, checkout some of the above-mentioned co-working spaces to experience comfort & style designed together! 

Connectivity beyond just the internet



Of course, other than the right furniture, a strong internet connection is very important for a person to be able to work from a co-working space. But the internet isn’t the only factor that spurs connectivity, having an open-floor layout at a co-working space is currently a hot office design trend. It’s popular because it allows greater spatial flexibility, better distribution of light, and higher collaborative potential. For this reason, the open plan system is a better option for a coworking space than a layout centred on isolated office units and standard cubicles.
While the open-floor layout is a trend that’s good to follow for encouraging collaborative ideas, innovations and flexibility, a co-working space must also keep room for private meetings and conferences. From private office suites, reception area, on-demand boardrooms, call rooms and break rooms, co-working spaces must balance it out between private rooms and collaborative spaces.

Conversations over coffee

A co-working space is like the ideal coffee shop that professionals dream of. Unlimited coffee, unlimited internet, great seating and a productive environment. While coffee is secondary it does play an important role when companies or professionals select a co-working space to work from.

Whether it’s free coffee, beer on tap, or networking and community events; a co-working culture is built because of these small amenities and freebies and after all who doesn’t enjoy free stuff!

Another thing that makes a co-working environment so positive and collaborative is the conversations people have at events over such great coffee or beer. Coffee, beer and conversations can make a co-working space the ideal work destination. 

Colleagues beyond just your company

Co-working spaces are designed to encourage socialising between people, not just those that belong to your company but even others. Co-working spaces include a diverse lot of different professionals across various age groups. For every tech startup, there’s a lawyer in private practice or a video production company. You never know who you’ll meet and how you might be able to collaborate. The idea is to connect, collaborate and create.

No wonder people are adding ping-pong tables and foosball stations at these spaces so people can bond beyond office hours.  While those are great, the overall layout matters. As long as that is in place, the rest can simply be add-ons!

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