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Over 25 years, Amardeep has delivered seating solutions that elevate your spaces.

Customising Contemporary Comfort, since 1992

Over 25 years we have had an exciting journey. We have grown from being an office chair manufacturer to now catering to 8 different product categories. We provide solutions that create value for our stakeholders and we strive to continue to do so.

Constantly evolving our philosophy and perspective, we aim to cater to every need of our customers providing holistic, modern and innovative solutions for diverse furniture requirements.

A space not only needs the best office chair, but a clear understanding of the user, their physical environment and integration of technology. Office chair manufacturers like us, have kept up with the changing trends and developed an entire lounge and breakout series. Lounge furniture and modular workstations that work for you will be the need of the future.

The Evolution of WorkSpaces

In a world of ever-changing perspectives, it is imperative to step out of traditionalism and embrace adaptation. Gone are the days of monotony and of spending ten or more hours a day in identical, one-dimensional cubicles and sitting on the same ergonomic office chair. Now, we have evolved to welcome an age of vibrant and innovative thinking.

A variety of spaces define a certain mood in the workplace which directly impacts our line of thought. The physical environment of a workplace can nurture confidence and performance. All employees should feel that they are a part of the process."


At Amardeep, we promise to transform your vision into reality. With high quality, unique products that satisfy your needs, we deliver the attention to details that you require. We strive to achieve the high level of professionalism you yearned for, with services that are rendered timely at your beck-and-call.

And People

Established in 1992 with the commitment to create seating solutions that redefine your spaces, Amardeep has become a respected name in the business today. Presently, we showcase multiple manufacturing units across India, pillared with high-quality engineering, precision designing and adept marketing across a gamut of verticals.


We sincerely value our esteemed clients who have provided us with an opportunity to work with them. We cater to clients across multiple industries with tailored solutions for each. We love to create value for our clients by offering large scale customisations which matches their needs and aesthetics. Our clients always remain loyal because of our customer experience and service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers who have stuck by us during our journey, starting from an office chair manufacturer to a full fledged furniture manufacturing company.

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Please let us know if you have requirements for office chairs, lounge & breakout, sofas, modular workstations, cafes or educational furniture. Our executives from respective branches will reach out to you. We’re always happy to help you find what you’re looking for.